My Business is already listed on GLS

How can GLS help me to promote my business?
GLS is a fantastic online referral tool which encourages your existing users to show your potential customers the great service you provide by reviewing and then referring you to their social networks via FB, Pinterest, Google and Twitter!

What if my business is NOT already listed on GLS?
You can submit your business at any time via the SUBMIT YOUR BUSINESS icon listed on our homepage. It is free to list and once approved your customers can begin reviewing and referring you immediately.

Do reviewers have to pay to use GLS?
No, GLS was devised to ensure a transparent platform existed whereby any consumer with access to a phone, laptop, tablet or PC can review your services in real time or in their own time.

What types of businesses are reviewed on GLS?
Any business can be reviewed on GLS. Our mission is to promote those businesses that provide their customers with a fantastic experience, to their social networks in real time. We are essentially “Bringing Service back” via an online transparent platform.

How are reviewers screened?
All reviewers are qualified via an email or FB Login. All reviews are transparent, yet we have had to include some word filters should our GLS clientele use any vocabulary that others may find offensive or discriminatory.

Can businesses pay to have higher ratings or reviews written?
Never in a million billion GLS years will this occur. As in the real world paid friendships are never truly built on honesty or trust and this is an imperative value at GLS!

How do Update my business details, add images or information to GLS!
Please email one of our amazing service orientated staff at and we will reply within a 24 hour window.

Why is my review not visible online?
You may have used one of those offensive or discriminatory words or have not qualified as a reviewer via FB or email logins. If this is not the case please contact us ASAP at and we will endeavour to sort it out ASAP.

If I post a negative review, can I get sued for defamation?
If your reviews are honest and transparent and meet our terms and conditions you are able to post a review albeit positive or negative to GLS and we appreciate honest lip service!